Culture of Safety

Sanjel Energy Services takes a performance based approach to Health, Safety & Environment (HSE). We believe it is only through strategic activity and leadership accountability that we achieve advancement in safety performance.

Developing a solid HSE culture through planned programs and action is how we achieve continual improvement in our two long-term safety goals "No one gets hurt" and "Incident-free driving". By developing strong process-driven discipline in these areas, we strive to continue to develop the Sanjel Energy Services’ way of doing things - safely and perfectly.

SCORE is an integral part of our culture of safety. It is an acronym that represents three fundamental Sanjel Energy HSE disciplines:

  • Strengthening Compliance (to the rules)
  • Observation (maintaining awareness of what is happening)
  • Risk Elimination (recognizing and removing threats)

SCORE is also an indicator that our HSE results are measured to identify areas for improvement, develop and execute effective courses of action and create accountability among our tactical leaders.