HSE Management Program

At Sanjel Energy Services we don't have an HSE manual because we don't believe in stagnant manuals that say all the right things but don’t assist in doing the right things. Instead, we have built a comprehensive tiered system wherein processes and actions act as vital moving components to get us closer to achieving our two long-term safety goals, "No one gets hurt" and "Incident-free driving".

Our HSE Management System provides a detailed framework outlining the roles and responsibilities for managers and employees. The system follows the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle, wherein we plan, execute, assess against the rules and act to develop effective courses of action to continually see improvement in our process.

This system contains multiple tiers of documents that act together to form the Health, Safety & Environment Management System (HSEMS).

  • Tier 1 documents set the minimum requirement for what must be done and are in place to create consistency across all operating regions.
  • Tier 2 documents act as practical guides for managers on best practice and procedure - how to conduct business safely in order to meet the requirements set within standards and policy.
  • Tier 3 documents act as detailed work instruction, supporting material or evidential records of work completed.