Quality Management System

Sanjel Energy Services is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest-possible quality in all aspects of our operations. To help realize this commitment we employ a Quality Management System (QMS).

The QMS aids in achieving safety, accuracy, and efficiency in all technical aspects of our operations while conforming to specified requirements and our clients' expectations. Sanjel Energy’s QMS is a shared responsibility of our leadership and personnel, requiring active participation by all employees.

The quality procedures at the heart of our QMS include standard operating procedures, technical training, maintenance and calibration of equipment, an audit system, and chemical quality control. These key procedures are integrated into the daily routine of the organization to ensure that all processes, data, and products are consistent and of the highest quality.

The objective of our QMS is two-fold: incorporate early identification and diffusion of issues, as well as the frequent assessment of policies and procedures to drive continual improvement in quality.

QMS achieves safety, accuracy, and efficiency in our cementing services while upholding client expectations.