Quality Platform

Sanjel Energy Services' quality platform is built on the guiding principles of “Optimal Performance” and “Zero Non-Productive Time.” These principles are difficult to achieve without working in tandem with our clients, and therefore, we ultimately define performance success when our services exceed your needs.

Process Approach to Performance

Performing at a level that meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations to help them achieve their goals is the driving factor behind the systematic approach we employ to manage performance.

  • Sanjel Energy’s Quality Performance Requirements are a set of service line specific requirements for performance from start (job planning & preparation) to finish (post job execution and measuring client metrics to determine how we did).
  • Tracking Non-Productive time on a job/district level allows for a comparative trend analysis which leads to continuous improvement.
  • Sanjel Energy’s Performance Management is based on the “Plan, Do, Check and Act” model and meets all the requirements of API Specification Q2.