Why Energy Matters

Did you realize that Alberta’s energy sector plays a key role in the lives of every Canadian? 

Our environment and needs are increasingly sophisticated, and the energy sector responds with products that are widely used in everyday life while also fueling the cars, trucks, and planes that underpin modern economies and lifestyles. 

Alberta’s energy sector facilitates and provides numerous amenities that improve day-to-day lifestyles. The hot water for your shower, the heat for your home and for cooking, and the transportation of food from around the globe to your local store are all thanks to the energy sector.

Byproducts from oil refining are key in the production of the plastics used in the devices (phone, tablet, television or computer) you use to catch up on daily news, complete your work, and view shows, entertainment, and sports. They are in the clothing you wear, the sporting equipment you play with, and the equipment your doctor uses. 

Gas fuels many industrial operations and manufacturing industries, and is utilized in the production of a wide range of industrial products, including plastics and polymers, paints, textiles and dyes.

Alberta’s energy sector plays a vital, positive role in the lives and lifestyles of every Canadian every day while also making a vital and sustained contribution to Canada’s economy.

Sanjel Energy Services’ is an energy citizen who believes that responsible growth in the energy sector is important for the future of all Canadians. That’s why we are proud to support the ‘I ❤ Canadian Energy’ non-profit campaign with Canada Action, promoting our natural resources sector and the life-changing amenities the industry provides. 

Canada Action is a volunteer-created grassroots movement that supports the natural resources sector. For more information, visit canadaaction.ca, email info@canadaaction.ca or phone 403-990-0401.

Sanjel Energy supports Canada Action’s ‘I<3 Canadian Energy’ campaign and responsible growth in the Canadian energy sector.