Primary Blend Suffixes

Distinctive suffixes denote blends with specialized characteristics.

Some of our primary suffixes are:


    Most common density used
    Example: ECOlite1325

  • DM

    Dry Mix
    Example: Visweep DM

  • DM IS

    Dry Mix Invert Spacer
    Example: Visweep DM IS

  • EC

    Economical version  
    Example: ECOlite EC

  • EXP

    Expansion additive added 
    Example: Thermal 40 EXP

  • HT OR LT

    Temperature based version   
    Example: THERMAmix LT

  • LCS

    Lost Circulation Slurry 
    Example: Proteus LCS

  • LW

    Standard lightweight version 
    Example: SURFACEmix LW

  • LWL

    Low water loss, low fluid loss
    Example: EXPANDOmix LWL

  • PRO

    Premium properties
    Example: ECOproteus PRO

  • SLW

    Super lightweight with bubbles 
    Example: SURFACEmix SLW

  • THX

    Thixotropic Cement Blend
    Example: SURFACEmix THX