Research & Development

Sanjel Energy’s lab and research facility has its finger on the pulse of the Canadian market and the unique challenges of your wells. Our research and development efforts ensure that Sanjel Energy’s cementing blends and additive lines are continuously being enhanced in all areas such as well integrity and remedial solutions.

Operating within our 3,000 plus square foot Technology Center, Sanjel Energy researchers have direct access to a wide variety of advanced scientific and engineering equipment, including:

  1. a state of the art RTX-1000 Rock Mechanics System for the measurement of mechanical properties of cement,
  2. a thermal dilatometry system and a thermal constants analyzer for measuring the expansion and thermal property,
  3. a static light scattering particle sizer to understand and optimize mixed particle blends,
  4. a whole suite of equipment for the preparation and testing of cements, including:
    1. atmospheric and pressurized consistometers,
    2. static gel strength measurement,
    3. high temperature and pressure curing chambers,
    4. ultrasonic cement analyzers,
    5. fluid loss analyzers,
    6. rheometers,
    7. gas migration fluid analyzer.

Our researchers collaborate with industry, government, and academic third parties to develop innovative solutions that might not otherwise be possible. Previous collaborations have included working with research groups at the University of Alberta to develop and adapt novel analytical techniques to the oil and gas industry, cement analysis at the Canadian Light Source synchrotron facility in Saskatoon and developing new additives and products through close collaborations with industry suppliers.

This synergy of people, industry placement and commitment to technology enhancement ensures that Sanjel Energy is continually delivering innovative and solutions proven cementing systems to meet the diverse needs of your wells.

Emerging Technologies