Sanjel Energy Services’ team members are passionate go-getters, constantly using their skills and knowledge to deliver industry leading results to our clients. When you join our team we will work alongside you, providing opportunities for you to learn and develop your skills.

Safety is our number one priority at Sanjel Energy. We know that statistically new hires are particularly at risk when joining an organization and we believe it is imperative that you have the tools to work safely and be an active participant in our safety culture from day one. To facilitate this, the very first training program you will participate in is our Short Service Employee Program. During this program you will be trained in hazard awareness and avoidance and you will learn the fundamentals of safety at Sanjel Energy.

We believe that regardless of your industry experience you are new to Sanjel Energy and we want to set you on the path for a safe and successful career with us. Our formal training program encompasses all operations positions from Field Hand in Training (FHIT) right through to Supervisor positions. It consists of on the job mentorship, independent reading, classroom training and written exams. Additionally, you will also complete safety and National Safety Code training.

At every point in your career with Sanjel Energy you will be provided the opportunity to complete the training necessary to develop your skills and prepare you for the next steps in your career. Our employees can continually learn, progress and be rewarded in what they do based on the competencies they have achieved through our expanding blended learning program. Sanjel Energy promotes and encourages the opportunity for career advancement for all employees.

Sanjel has helped me achieve my career goals through opportunities to work in various groups within the organization.

– Kevin, Sales & Engineering