Primary Cementing Services

As Canada’s premier supplier of cementing services to oil and gas producers, Sanjel Energy Services delivers fit for purpose, sophisticated primary cementing solutions for your unique well requirements.

Since Sanjel Energy’s inception, primary cementing has been the foundation of our business. We have cemented wells with depths of greater than 6,500m, rates higher than 2.4m3/min and BHCTs greater than 175°C. From shallow gas projects, thermal cementing and extended reach horizontal wells, to hot, high pressure, sour and critical wells, our experience delivers innovative and solutions focused results.

We are keenly aware that the diverse nature of wells in the WCSB means our clients can only achieve effective cementing and zonal isolation if we have a wide range of blends at our fingertips. We continually evolve our comprehensive suite of exceptional blends by using sophisticated laboratory equipment to test each blend under downhole conditions, resulting in the development of blends that perform optimally under a wide array of applications.

While technologies differ from well to well, our goal remains the same: to deliver innovative and solution proven cementing systems and products that stand up to the rigors of the WCSB.

Sanjel Energy has a wide range of cementing solutions that can be designed to the unique demands of your well including:

  • Horizontal wells
  • Shale wells
  • Extended laterals
  • Gas migration prevention
  • Lightweight cement
  • Heavyweight cement
  • Lost circulation
  • Plug cementing
  • Salt cementing
  • CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage)
  • Emerging Industries: Helium, Hydrogen, Geothermal