Site Rehabilitation Programs 

Applications for the Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan Government’s inactive site rehabilitation programs are now open. Sanjel Energy has been working with our clients to develop and submit contracts and applications for this funding. With our experienced and dedicated remedial crews, we are here to support licensees with their well abandonments included under these programs. Sanjel Energy’s innovative remedial cementing solutions allow for the effective and cost-efficient reclamation of these inactive sites. 

For more information about each of these programs, follow their respective links below, or reach out to Sanjel Energy’s Remedial team at

Alberta Site Rehabilitation Program

The Government of Alberta will distribute $1 billion of funding throughout multiple phases for the decommissioning oilfield sites across the province. Application period 3 is open as of July 16, 2020 and will run until March 31, 2021 or until requested grant funds exceed the $100 million limit. $139,000 is available per licensee and can cover 100% of the well costs up to this amount.

Click here to learn more about Alberta’s Site Rehabilitation Program

Saskatchewan Accelerated Site Closure Program

The Government of Saskatchewan will distribute $400 million of funding throughout four phases to decommission oilfield sites.  

Click here to learn more about Saskatchewan’s Accelerated Site Closure Program

British Columbia Dormant Sites Reclamation Program

The Government of British Columbia distributed $100 million of funding throughout two phases for the decommissioning of dormant oilfield sites in the province.  

Click here to learn more about British Columbia’s Dormant Sites Reclamation Program