Sanjel Energy Services’ dynamic team of experienced operations personnel, technicians, chemists, and engineers deliver unparalleled solutions with customized acidizing services and products.

Sanjel Energy delivers unparalleled customized solutions in:

  • Matrix Acidizing, Breakdown or Acid Spearheads: Includes iron control packages, corrosion inhibitors, anti-sludge agents, demulsifiers, and surfactants
  • Solvent treatments: To reduce damage caused by the build-up of wax, paraffins and asphaltenes
  • Gravel packing
  • Water conformance
  • Miscellaneous pumping operations 

To ensure the maximum success of each acid treatment, we perform a suite of thorough testing which enables treating fluids to be optimized for any given well condition.

Our advanced fleet of pumping equipment is designed and manufactured in-house to work under all extreme weather conditions.