Sanjel Energy Services provides you with progressive and robust oil well cementing solutions to solve the challenges you face in today’s oil and gas industry. We are an industry leader with a depth of experience in large-scale operations in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and a commitment to technological innovations and performance. Our ECObase cement blends reduce the global warming potential of our cementing operations, resulting in improved ESG standards for our clients and the industry.

Our dynamic research and development efforts ensure that our cementing blends and additive product lines are continually evolving in key areas such as well integrity, remedial technologies and acid blends. Our custom engineered and manufactured equipment provides innovation and solutions focused results in the field. Our locations are strategically positioned to optimize delivery of our services within the WCSB but when necessary, we also allocate resources from nearby locations to best service our clients’ needs.

Collectively, our experience, products, equipment and service locations integrate to form a complementary synergy focused on delivering you an exceptional client experience while also maximizing your well’s productivity and results.

Primary Cementing

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Remedial Cementing

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