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Sanjel Energy is an industry-leading energy services company delivering customized cementing solutions across Canada.  From well construction for production and carbon capture, through to remediation and abandonment, we consistently deliver quality outcomes that support the industry’s objective to reduce carbon emissions and achieve net zero by 2050.  

At Sanjel Energy, delivering highly-reliable operations are at the heart of our culture. Our proprietary Complexity Matrix is designed to calculate the inherent risk with every job and enables us to provide highly reliable operations for our team and clients. 

Learn more about our approach to managing risk to gain long-term well integrity and client trust.

New at Sanjel Energy

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    Cementing CCUS Wells

    When it comes time to cement, lock in with the experts

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    ECObase Cement

    Sanjel Energy Services launches ECObase, an innovative reduced carbon cement blend

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