Industry Collaborations

At Sanjel Energy, our research and innovation teams collaborate with industry, government, and academia partners to develop innovative solutions that might not otherwise be possible. This synergy of people, industry placement and commitment to technology enhancement ensures that Sanjel Energy is continually delivering innovative solutions proven to meet the unique complexity of your wells.  

University of Alberta Collaboration 

Sanjel Energy has an ongoing collaborative relationship with various research groups at the University of Alberta.  

Sanjel Energy and the University of Alberta recently completed a three-year NSERC-assisted collaboration focused on how stress affects well behaviour. This study quantified the impact of stress-induced 3D fractures on cement integrity. The findings provided a deeper understanding of optimizing cementing technologies to address the root cause of integrity loss; allowing us to deliver the best value solutions for improving long-term wellbore integrity; reducing occurrences of surface casing vent flows; and developing more effective remedial technologies.   

Sanjel Energy is building off our successful collaborations with the University of Alberta and is launching a series of initiatives focused on continuing to deliver well integrity through the energy transition. These initiatives will focus on: 

  • Carbon Capture and Sequestration: This collaboration will allow us to demonstrate the well integrity of our range of chemically resistant cements for CCUS applications. 
  • Hydrogen Storage in Salt Caverns: Cement integrity is key to understanding how hydrogen storage wells impact well integrity in these applications.  
  • Improved Solutions for Wellbore Remediation: This collaboration will identify how new (non-Class G or non-Portland cement) systems can deliver improved remediation or abandonment performance.  

Technology Licensing Agreement 

In 2020, Sanjel Energy entered into a Technology Licensing Agreement with a global third-party, which provides us with exclusive rights to select cementing technologies in Canada onshore.  

InnoTech Alberta Joint Industry Product Collaborative 

Sanjel Energy is currently involved in an industry collaboration project with InnoTech Alberta to field trial and test alternatives to Portland cement for wellbore remediation and plugging. InnoTech Alberta is part of Alberta Innovates, the province’s largest and Canada’s first provincial research and innovation agency.