Pipeline Grouting  

Specialized solutions for pipeline grouting.

Sanjel Energy’s dedicated Remedial team has extensive experience in completing pipeline grouting projects. We design specialized solutions to eliminate water flows, provide zonal isolation, abandon pipelines, or fill underground structures to facilitate safe and environmentally appropriate abandonment.  

Our proven technologies and advanced equipment, combined with the breadth and depth of our cementing experience, enables us to design and deliver the optimal solutions to protect surface water, while minimizing ground destabilization and subsidence. 

Our cementing experience in both small- and large-scale projects, coupled with our strategically positioned locations, allows us to optimize delivery of our pipeline grouting services within the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) and across Canada.  

Sanjel energy's solutions for pipeline grouting 

  • Fit for Purpose Grouting Products

    • Groutmix – An optimized grouting blend that can be tailored for varying densities that provides low permeability, increased corrosion resistance and long-term mechanical resiliency 
    • ECOgrout – Low carbon grouting system with the equivalent capabilities of Groutmix  
    • Global third-party products – Flexible system to handle cyclic stress loading of heating and cooling cycles of operations 
  • Strategically Located Locations and Bulk Plants

    Keeping large inventories of materials in strategically located bulk plants across the WCSB means we can move material to and from the jobsite quickly and efficiently, minimizing mileage costs and hours of service while reducing the overall environmental impact of the operation. 

  • Industry Leading Equipment

    Proven and robust pumping equipment with accurate density delivery. Sanjel Energy’s Cyclonic Mixer (SCM) is the industry’s premier high-energy mixing system. Coupled with our Twin Cementing Unit, the SCM can mix at slurry rates up to 1.8 m3 /min, with densities of up to 2400 kg/m3. The SCM allows us to deliver effective targeted solutions, calculating non-nuclear density measurements to ensure accurate slurry density, rate, temperature and volume readings. This real-time data helps ensure the best possible slurry is being pumped as per design for your job. 

  • Sanjel Energy’s Complexity Matrix

    A key part of our project process is applying Sanjel Energy’s Complexity Matrix. The Complexity Matrix is an innovative, proprietary well evaluation system that aligns the optimum experience level and resources to a job profile. The degree of testing, peer reviews, equipment checks, and redundancies increase with the job's complexity. Our goal is to ensure every aspect of a job has been discussed, analyzed and reviewed, and that appropriate procedures and contingencies are in place.   

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  • Recent Project

    Sanjel Energy grouted 12 pipeline crossings on a 13 km pipeline using 2800T of grouting material. The grouting material utilized a global third-party product to provide a flexible grouting system to handle compression and expansion of heating cycles, focusing on the long-term integrity of the pipeline.