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When cementing today's modern wellbores, the primary risks to a successful cement job remain much the same as the vertical-producing wellbores of the past. Lost circulation and gas migration are still very serious issues to consider and can be even more prevalent with the longer, deeper wells utilizing a monobore production casing design. 

Sanjel Energy’s Formation Filming Agent (FFA) is a simple and effective solution to preventing lost circulation during and after the cement job and preventing gas migration or surface casing vent flows after the cement job is completed. 

FFA is a powder additive added to preflushes or spacers, FFA creates a thin low permeability membrane layer along the formation which increases wellbore strength allowing higher ECDs over weak zones. The membrane is nonintrusive and non-invading, meaning it does not affect well production. It is completely degradable and the formation returns to normal permeability. 


  • Areas prone to lost circulation during cementing 
  • Areas where surface casing vent flows are a concern 
  • Wells using blends with microspheres 
  • All types of primary cement applications 
  • Effective at temperatures up to 200°C 


  • Innovative low viscosity polymer that forms a network on formation face  
  • Low invasion technology 
  • Forms a seal to minimize filtrate loss to the formation 
  • 100% return of formation permeability 
  • Compatible with virtually all cement and drilling fluid systems 
  • Easily dry-blended into Sanjel Energy’s proprietary Visweep DM systems 


  • Effectively reduces cement losses and formation damage 
  • Lowers cement fluid loss to virtually zero 
  • Improves hole cleaning before cement placement 
  • Prevents cement fallback after placement 
  • Allows increased ECDs over weak zones 
  • Prevents gas migration 
  • Improves cement bonds 
  • Can eliminate the need for expensive ultra-lightweight cement slurries 
  • Provides wellbore strengthening 
  • Can be mixed on-the-fly 

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