CCUS Technology

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) is a technology that safely helps protect the environment by capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) and storing it deep underground. Cement systems in CO2 geological storage projects require long durability during exposure to supercritical CO2. Standard Portland cement degrades over time which leads to loss of isolation and casing corrosion protection.   

Sanjel Energy’s DefendMIX and global third-party cement systems are CO2-resistant; these high solids, low permeability, low-Portland cement systems are designed specifically to resist CO2 wells in these environments. 


  • Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) wells 
  • Wells in fields that use CO2 injection for enhanced oil recovery
  • Primary cementing in CO2-producing formations 
  • Long-term decommissioning objectives for plug and abandonment in CO2 environments 


  • Serves as a barrier for CO2 storage wells or high CO2-producing formations
  • Third-party systems are blended at Sanjel Energy’s local bulk plant 
  • Blend density can be tailored to well requirements and is compatible with Portland cement 


  • Reduces the CO2 footprint during well construction 
  • Efficiently enables underground storage, keeping greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere
  • Self-healing capabilities can be incorporated with the cement blend to actively repair cracks and provide continued well integrity and zonal isolation