SLB Technology Licensing Agreement

In 2020, Sanjel Energy entered into a Technology Licensing Agreement with SLB, which provides Sanjel Energy with exclusive rights to select SLB cementing technologies in Canada onshore. This agreement allows Sanjel Energy access to SLB’s extensive, worldwide cementing knowledge, zonal isolation software and in-house collaboration with SLB technical support representatives.  

Fulcrum™ cement conveyed fracturing performance technology 

Casing centralization, rotation, and reciprocation are limited in long horizontal wells. Under those conditions, even the best cementing practices can leave some drilling fluid in channels behind the casing, impeding zonal isolation. Fulcrum technology is mixed in the cement blend and interacts with residual nonaqueous (NAF) drilling fluid in the well to reduce the potential for frac fluid communication through drilling fluid channels. This improves frac stage isolation, reduces the risk of under-stimulated zones and frac hits, and can increase overall production. 

Nanosealant high-injectivity, self-diverting leak repair fluid

Small cracks and microannuli in a cement sheath can be repaired using Nanosealant, a single-component, self-diverting, non-cementitious product. Mixing or blending is not required at surface, simplifying operations, and reducing cleanup time. Nanosealant can be injected into openings as small as 20 μm, due to its low rheology and nano-sized particles and sets and hardens within hours of contact with set cement. This setting time allows the fluid to self-divert and penetrate more leakage paths – as each leak is sealed, the fluid flows into the next opening. 

CemFIT Heal™ flexible, self-healing cement system 

Over time, conventional cements can develop cracks and microannuli caused by pressure changes and other stresses, allowing fluids to flow between zones and risk to the surface. Unlike these conventional cement systems, the CemFIT Heal cement system expands after setting, improving cement bonding, and sealing microannuli that can cause unwanted gas migration. If any isolation defects occur, CemFIT Heal repairs itself on contact with oil or gas, irrespective of methane content, restoring the hydraulic integrity of the well. 

CemPRIME Scrub™ engineered scrubbing spacer 

Effective drilling fluid removal is a prerequisite for primary cementing success. Mud left in the wellbore prevents effective isolation. This can result in stimulation out of zone, production of unwanted fluids, loss of hydrocarbons to low-pressure zones, sustained casing pressure, underground blowouts, or casing corrosion. CemPRIME Scrub fibers can be added to any spacer system, significantly improving drilling fluid removal and wellbore cleaning, enhancing cement bond and well integrity. 

Fulcrum, CemFIT Heal and CemPRIME Scrub are trademarks of SLB
Technology licensed from SLB in Canada onshore