Low Carbon Cement

Sanjel Energy’s ECO cementing systems provide a broad range of high-performance cement slurries to tackle the toughest well requirements while reducing the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of cementing operations and maintaining the performance of the wells being treated. 

ECObase supports the industry’s and Sanjel Energy’s Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals by providing a more than 25 percent reduction in GWP per tonne of cement, compared to standard oil-well Class C and Class G cements.    

Sanjel Energy has an ECO cement blend for all types of well cementing and remediation, mining applications, pipeline grouting and abandonment, and other industrial uses. These blends are designed to endure extreme pressures and temperatures without compromising well integrity, and deliver exceptional value, by providing industry-leading zonal isolation and environmental stewardship. 


  • ECObase cements are an ideal cement choice for a multitude of subterranean applications across the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and beyond 






  • ECObase blends deliver industry-leading lower carbon cement properties while preserving the mechanical properties and proven performance of Sanjel Energy’s cement blends
  • Supports the industry’s commitment to reduced carbon emissions, contributing to our clients’ and Sanjel Energy’s ESG goals


  • Compatible with virtually all cement and drilling fluid systems 
  • Verified 30 percent and 40 percent reduction in Global Warming Potential (GWP) per tonne of cement, compared to the respective Canadian and US averages for cement
  • Reduced carbon footprint by more than 25 percent in GWP per tonne of cement, compared to oil-well Class C and Class G cements

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