Sanjel Energy considers solid governance critical to the company's long-term sustainable growth and enhancing shareholder value. We are committed to conducting our business in a highly ethical manner and we do so with a shared commitment to act with integrity. 

From inception, we have held ourselves accountable to the highest standards of ethics in how we conduct our business. We have seen much global turbulence during our time in business, and the catalogue of pressing global issues remains long and complex. As we navigate this climate, our policies and procedures provide a framework for conducting our business in a highly ethical manner. We are committed to ensuring they evolve as needed to provide all our employees with a common vision of acting with integrity at Sanjel Energy.  

At Sanjel Energy, we strive to foster an inclusive culture with a diverse, engaged and valued workforce. Building a culture of this nature is a journey, and we are committed to continuous improvement facilitated by awareness and education. Our talented employees come to Sanjel Energy with many different backgrounds and experiences, all valued and contributing to our dynamic team. We believe that being versed in and modelling a culture of diversity and inclusivity is key for every team member, and to foster this, we launched our Respectful and Inclusive Workplace training initiative. This program helps employees acquire the skills necessary to contribute to a workplace culture where all employees can shine. Since its launch, every team member has participated in this training and certification/recertification process, acquiring the skills necessary to embrace an inclusive culture of teamwork, integrity, service, and excellence.
We then expanded the program by launching “Learning Moments,” quarterly bulletins highlighting relevant topics such as bullying, mental health stigma, unconscious bias, and inclusion. Additionally, we introduced our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leadership Immersion training. This program, which builds on the skills acquired in the Respectful and Inclusive Workplace program, focuses on equity, diversity, psychological safety, and inclusion in the workplace and positions us to ensure equal opportunities are provided to all our candidates and employees. We are proud of the strides we have made and remain committed to our journey of fostering an inclusive culture.

The Board of Directors and Sanjel Energy Services’ Leadership Team consider good governance an important factor in the Company's effective operation. The Board, comprised of 40% independent directors, is responsible for the overall stewardship and governance of the Company.

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